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Luli Braga


STYLE: New MPB, Neo Soul, Experimental and Electronic Music


AVAILABILITY: Full year 2023


The untamable sound of Luli Braga 


A “home of poetry” in Amazon: Luli Braga debuts with the imposing poetry of the Sinuose album. In a vivid and ethereal atmosphere, the Amazonian sweet voice echoes along with nine women and non-binaries, evoking visceral content in a sensitive and poetic portrayal of female psyche.


The young Luli Braga  sings, as she says herself, her own truths and the truth of millions of  women from Brazil. Intense and intimate in her lyrics, the artist delivers a work based on her personal experiences, from power to overcoming.


In a continuous movement of expansion and retreat, Sinuose is the result of attentive and contemplative look of an Amazonian woman on themes such as freedom, cycles, corporeality, gender equity, self-knowledge, ancestry and even romance in times of pandemic. Between references from New MPB, Neo Soul and Experimental and Electronic Music, Luli Braga provides us with a journey into her veins, where she carries the resilience of her riverside ancestors, captivating our ears with a sweet timbre and a typically Amazonian accent.


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