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AVAILABILITY: Full year 2023


The indomitable sound of Luedji Luna!


Afro-Brazilian singer Luedji Luna has the kind of voice you would call entrancing; one that takes hold and reminds you of times you’ve felt most naked and brave.


"Brazilian singer-songwriter Luedji Luna’s music surveys and celebrates the connections between her home country and her African roots, and addresses the many ways in which Afro-Brazilians and women are marginalized in Brazil and beyond. Along the way, she presides over a sound as expansive as the distances it embodies, as Afro-Brazilian rhythms and other traditional sounds meld with familiar strains of R&B, jazz and, at times, electronic beats. She serves up a fluid and laid-back slice of sunshine’


Her 2017 debut album, Um Corpo no Mundo, echoed in  all the country, Luna sang about feelings of unease and alienation; borrowing from the former’s serenity and melancholy, while threading together the experiences of oppression and subjugation expressed by two artistic pioneers of the Black diaspora. In 2020 Luna released  "Bom mesmo é estar debaixo d'água" Over steady drums and the persistent shake of the maracas, Luna sang of the systemic anti-Black violence experienced by Afro-Brazilians, about love, affectivity, and also on the impacts of society, macho and lgbtophobic, in the constitution of the subjectivity of these bodies with as the writers Conceição Evaristo and Cidinha da Silva.


In the past two years, she has been nominated for the 2021 Latin Grammy Award and won major awards such as the 2019 Caymmi Award, the 2010 Bravo Award, and the 2020 Afro-Brazilian Award. She has over 510,702 monthly listeners on Spotify and over 268,000 followers on Instagram. 


Of the new crop of artists coming up in Brazil, Luna is both highly accessible and comfortably out of focus.


For five  years she’s been growing her base off of her debut with the single “Banho de Folhas” becoming an unofficial summer anthem in Salvador where it rings from restaurants, stereos lugged by coconut sellers, and impromptu busker shows. In the end of this year 2022 she'lls  release her new album  " Bom Mesmo é estar debaixo d'água Deluxe".


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