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STYLE: Jazz/Soul


AVAILABILITY: Full year 2023


Take a deep breath. Dive in. What follows is strangeness, surprise, welcome, and pleasure, basically in that order. Explicitly inspired by the mystical river that runs through Manaus, D'Água Negra is about resilience, yes, but much more about movement and the transformative and absolutely necessary power of art.

D'Água Negra is an Amazonian band, undoubtedly, but without any commitment to the regional cliché.

Composed by Clariana Brandão Arruda, Bruno Barrozo Belchior and Melka, respectively, found themselves tied to the same pulsating theme: the rare manauara idiosyncrasy, or, to go further, the northeastern idiosyncrasy.

All born in the capital of Amazonas and similarly involved in cultural projects, particularly in the field of music, their paths crossed in early 2020, just before they were separated by the pandemic. Nothing could be more symbolic than the river Rio Negro to illustrate the importance of this flow. "D'Água Negra brings a fundamental geographical location for us, as a Manaura project, from the North, but, just like the river, whose waters evaporate and travel to the continents, we also embrace different artistic languages, references such as jazz, blues, soul, breakbeat, electronic music, in short, we are a musical laboratory open to everything, connecting us to the whole world”.


  • Dagua Negra
  • Saulo Duarte
  • Saulo Duarte
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