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Nominated as " Best Portuguese language roots album"  in the 2019 Latin Grammy  Award,  Foli  Griô Orchestra pays homage to the diversity of rhythms as a great master of knowledge and as a vehicle for cultural storytelling.

The name was drawn for the Malinké language. Sparked by a collective interest to study the language of rhythms, especially from Africa; Foli Griô plays with Jazz as lyrical horn lines meet rootsy beats. 

Their acclaimed debut album AJO (produced by André Magalhães and released independently in 2019), features Lenine and Carlos Malta alongside other distinctive guests. Live they offer a unique ritualistic sound applying  elements from candomblé, bumba-meu - boi, maracatu, jongo and funk carioca

 Foli Grio  Orchestra exalts  stories  of the many different cultures that have flourished in the rich Brazilian soil.

The work of Foli  Grio is libertarian and provocative, dancing and critical at the same time, extremely Brazilian, without ever ceasing to be Afro- Latin; without frontiers, as the world ought to be.