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Black Rio Band - mixing funk, soul, jazz and samba that granted an important place in the prominence Brazilian and international music, BBR is a great band, loaded with joviality in its 40 years of history packed in a new album, SONS of the Americas ", which arrives on platforms in the second half of 2018. Revisiting some works released only abroad, where the band achieved immense success, besides new songs, the album brings re-recordings of hits like (Miss Cheryl and Cravo e Canela) and an English version of the hit Carrossel The defensive posture of the black identity - always present in the soul of the band - remains alive in BBR in the unreleased track Ana de Ileaiê, a samba-funk about the Afro-Brazilian woman, inspired by Brazilian black women friends, aunts, aunts and grandmothers of BBR leader, William Magalhães.  South America is also present, with the burden of misuse of power, crime and social inequality. On stage, BRB show what they’re all about and why they’re considered one of the most legendary Brazilian bands, being in the list of the best Black Music bands in the world and responsible for creating a unique and original concept combining samba in Rio with the grooves of the American funk. With bold arrangements for metals and a powerful rhythmic foundation, these masters have come up with a harmonious blend that has remained strong and current for over four decades. "Maria Fumaça", their first album, followed a year later by the "Gafieira Universal" album, are today a reference of contemporary Brazilian music. The band concerts are pure festivity and joy, referring to a rich musical past, but with a contemporary flavor.

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