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AVAILABILITY: All the year the 2024

TERRITORIES: Worldwide (Brazil NO)

"Vício Inerente" by Marina Sena: Between Poetic Echoes and the Resonant Future of Music



Marina Sena, now bolder and more pop than ever, graces us with the enigmatic "Vício Inerente". This second album, woven from the chords of Sony Music and music apps, stands as the genuine emanation of the magnetism of an artist who emerged from Northern Minas. Under the insightful direction of Iuri Rio Branco, "Vício Inerente" extends its hand, not just as an album, but as a gateway to a visionary, almost prophetic soundscape of the year 2050. Within its tracks, Marina intertwines genres like trap, R&B, and the eternal soul of MPB, unveiling melodies that pulse with vigor and elegance. Since her acclaimed initial album , "De primeira", Marina has stamped her signature on Brazil's musical heart. Her sharp writing, coupled with a transcendent presence, sparked a tsunami of recognition and admiration. A beacon in the pop scene from her earliest steps, Marina Sena is the living glimpse that in music, the magic never fades away.



Marina Sena is right here, right now. Her debut album, “De Primeira”, captured millions of hearts in Brazil and around the world. The song “Por Supuesto” reached the first place among the most viral on Spotify Global and was the most played song in Brazil for weeks in a row. The artist, born in Taiobeiras, North of Minas Gerais, already exceeds the mark of 4 million monthly listeners and is guaranteed presence on the main stages and important festivals around Brazil. 

Marina Sena has been singing since she was a little girl. As a teenager she moved to Montes Claros where she became the lead singer of A Outra Banda da Lua, a true local phenomenon. She also sang in the group Rosa Neon, one of the most beloved bands in the alternative scene. Now, in a solo career, the artist emerges as a great bet for a new Brazilian popstar. With a lot of sensuality, bubblegum music, an authentic timbre and full of attitude.  



After the resounding success of her first album "De Primeira", with hits surpassing 100 million plays on Spotify, Marina Sena performed all over the world. The singer was Brazil's pop sensation in 2022, leaving her mark with performances across the country and at major festivals like Kalorama, Roskilde, and the World Music Festival. In 2024, Marina is back in Europe, accompanied by her full band and dancers, to celebrate the release of her new album in May, 'Vicio Inerente'.

Após o retumbante sucesso de seu primeiro álbum "De Primeira", com hits que ultrapassam 100 milhões de reproduções no Spotify, Marina Sena se apresentou em todo o mundo. A cantora foi o furacão pop do Brasil em 2022 e deixou sua marca em apresentações por todo o país e em grandes festivais como Kalorama, Roskilde e o Festival Músicas do Mundo. Em 2024, Marina está de voltou à Europa, acompanhada de sua banda completa e dançarinos, para celebrar o lançamento de seu novo álbum, 'Vicio Inerente' em maio 2023.


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