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Amplifica Music is an independent Brazilian cultural platform, which offers support for several cultural and creative fields of the musical segment, contributing, especially, to the release and promotion of Brazilian and foreign artists, promoting an intense interchange between the most diverse cultures. The expansion of musical boundaries and gaining space for these new musicians is the main motivation of Amplifica Music.

Founded in 2013, Amplifica Music embrace a Brazilian soul in an international body with representation in Europe, Asia, Latin America and Brazil, acting as a showcase of the new Brazilian music, independent, authorial and talented for the world.

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Gadiamb B, Abayomy , Samuca and the Selva, Big Pacha, Nicola Són and Casa Verde Collectively were some of those who have embraced and been embraced by amplifies in its first steps. But not only of new talents lives the independent scene

For this reason, the Amplifica Music also worked alongside icons of Brazilian music as Di Melo, Gerson King Combo, Within Temptation Souza and Banda Black Rio, and of international music Nicola, Christophe Hidalgo, Irina Gonzalez, Gato Negro in partnership with the French production Flavia Coelho and Chris Brewster


Along her professional journey, Thabata Fonseca noticed that Amplifica needed to go farther, offering a range of services to the artists, like career planning, national and international agencying, project and advertising projects. In this way, Amplifica is no longer a project, it became a platform dedicated to the release e appreciation of artists who are not afraid of giving their audience news experiences.

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