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Não recomendados is a concert with the assemble of three interpreters; Caio Prado, Daniel Chaudon and Diego Moraes; all restless and with the same desire: to question, to provoke and to transform the behavioral and addicted patterns of society.

" Não recomendados" composed by Caio Prado, is the root of the group, music that manifests above all, a cry for freedom before the bureaucratic and hypocritical appearances that permeate society. "Music is bigger than everything". The city coincidences, the crash of encounters, the songs insomnia and the inevitable show: #Nãorecomendados In this atmosphere, it becomes clear the nudity of a coexistence full of humor, acidity and love, mixing the dense compositions of Caio Prado, the melancholy of Daniel Chaudon and irony of Diego Moraes, who in addition to the author's songs lend their voice to classic re-readings that pass from Caetano and Gil to Alexandre Pires and Cheiro de Amor.

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