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Born in Salvador - is a singer and composer, daughter of black political artists. She started her career in art within the literary movement "Palavra Preta" (Black Word) - She started her first work 2 years ago - "Um corpo no mundo" - "A body in the world" ( 2017), a 31-year-old debut album about the African diaspora As the main theme, the work also speaks of the strength of the black woman and the departure of Bahia almost playful that causes the homesickness (Saudades).


This year (2018), her work gained notoriety thanks to critics and the press and she was perceived as one of the most celebrated novelties of Brazilian music in 2018. She has performed at major festivals in Brazil. With a multi-ethnic group (Cuban bassist, Kenyan guitarist, Swedish percussionist, violinist son of Congolese ...), whose minimalist sound transits between MPB, batuque, reggae, afoxé and Cuban batá, she sang the verses of "Un corps dans le world". The show represents a political weight, whether in words or in speeches full of power, both exalting the debates and icons of the black struggle, mainly feminine. But it is however far from being pamphleteer: Luedji, all dressed in white, transmits serenity, singing and dancing in a kind of trance. On the stage, everything happens in an organic and natural way, creating an atmosphere of emotional acceptance, spirituality and strength.

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