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Jabu Morales is on the forefront of AYOM that translates as ‘the God of music’. 


Her startling percussion calls the sound of the Brazilian tambour, the music weaves within the melodic poetry of the Mediterranean and the body moves from the power of Angola beats. 


This amalgamation produces a sound that transcends oceans and connects Latin America, the Mediterranean and Africa. 


Through her compositions she communicates her own experiences as an immigrant and the convergence of cultures. The symbolical narrative of this project presents itself as the allegory of the sense of longing, the flavors and smells that bring memories and fuses with the human emotional cravings that inevitably prevails when we leave our homeland. The outcome is a sound that is pungent, biting and peppery. It’s a joyful expression of the main characteristics of the popular Brazilian elements of baiao, samba, maracatu, carimbó, ijexá and the amusing influences from the African diaspora such as cumbia, calypso, merengue, guaguancó, semba, coladeira and funaná. 


The power of identity.

Jabu Morales and AYOM is fresh, contemporary and has an explosive energy that will stir audiences and urge them to move and groove. 


Style:  samba de roda, baiao, forro, rasta pé and various regional brazilian styles.

Territories :  World / Travelcrew - 7 pax 

Label : Amplifica +

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