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The act of establishing an artistic identity walks in a fine line with the dangerous decision of adopting a formula. The fine line that separates these two aspects can lead the work in different directions, a lot related to the artist's intention. Obviously, any person owns his common sense of direction, making the work of each artist identifiable.


The problem is always found when the formulaic sits on the space for the evolution of the perspectives and narratives. And since his first release, Zudizilla builds a biographical work easily relatable to his person, being that personal or artistic.


Rapper Zudizilla is the new sensation of the Brazilian Hip Hop scene, who through rhymes, seeks to express his thoughts on subjects related to what he sees on the streets, such as prejudice and daily life.


Designer by profession when music doesn't bring the bread to the table, graffiti artist by essence, visual artist at heart and Mc par excellence; art has always been present in the singer's life.


The stage name comes from African Godzilla, from the people of South Africa. To write the rhymes, the singer is inspired by the cycle of life, the stimuli that come from the streets and the influence that drugs have on youth.

STYLE: Hip Hop


AVAILABILITY: All the year the 2023

TERRITORIES: Worldwide (Brazil NO)

Two albums and some singles were released, the last one this year 2022 with great reviews and a special featuring of Emicida, Coruja, among others.

Record based on real emotions, and universal themes, from Cezar to Christ it’s a love declaration from the rapper to his black single mother who raised and prepared him to face what, although still halfway, Júlio Cesar Correa Farias proclaims victory for having done the right thing, being inspired by idols such as the filmmaker Spike Lee, the writer Lima Barreto (1881 – 1922) and rappers as Emicida and Kendrick Lamar.


Zudizilla toured for the first time this year 2022 in Europe and came across a curious audience eager for his cutting verses.

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