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Marina Sena for the first time in Europe!

Marina Sena is right here, right now. Her debut album, “De Primeira”, captured millions of hearts in Brazil and around the world. The song “Por Supuesto” reached the first place among the most viral on Spotify Global and was the most played song in Brazil for weeks in a row. The artist, born in Taiobeiras, North of Minas Gerais, already exceeds the mark of 4 million monthly listeners and is guaranteed presence on the main stages and important festivals around Brazil. 

Marina Sena has been singing since she was a little girl. As a teenager she moved to Montes Claros where she became the lead singer of A Outra Banda da Lua, a true local phenomenon. She also sang in the group Rosa Neon, one of the most beloved bands in the alternative scene. Now, in a solo career, the artist emerges as a great bet for a new Brazilian popstar. With a lot of sensuality, bubblegum music, an authentic timbre and full of attitude. This is her first European tour, not to be missed!

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