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In Jüra there is truth! 


It's Jüra swearing love. Singing love and pain, of love. 

The naked songs, of disarming intimacy, make Jüra one of the biggest revelations of the emerging music in Portugal. 


A multifaceted artist, the search for her path made her fly from an early age. After finishing her Dance Course at the Alcobaça Dance Academy, she moved to Lisbon to study at EPAOE - Chapitô, which she finished in 2017 with distinction and has been working in various contexts, as a dancer, acrobat, actress and also in dubbing.


In 2019 was the beginning of the journey of what it is to feel in her skin, the ups and downs of life, relationships, love, the search for the beauty that is in sadness, because it is in music that she finds the translation of emotion, pain and love she feels.

The unique image and sound that lives between Pop, R&B and Hip Hop, highlighted her first with the two singles "És o Amor" and "somozumnãodois" and now with her debut EP, "Jüradamor". She conquered the public, the first million streams, the critics, the main national radios with the single "diz-me" in the Top20 airplay in Portugal, Top Shazam Portugal... And a growing fan base, that filled the Time Out Studio in the first concert in her own name and took her to the stages of the main Festivals in Portugal: NOS Alive Festival, F Festival, Authentica Festival and many more.  


Jüra now takes her debut EP from the North to the South of Portugal, discovering new paths. Sharing the pain, multiplying the love.

STYLE: New Pop


AVAILABILITY: Full year 2023


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