Brave, rare and plausible.

The young pianist Zé Manoel arrives on the new Brazilian popular music scene as somewhat of a surprise.
 His ability to combine independent and traditional music, without losing the audaciousness of in his interpretation. 

Brave, rare and plausible.

A few years ago, the critics called Ze Manoel brave. Among so many adjectives that we can use to talk about this great artist - lyricist, instrumentalist and singer - brave is certainly one of them, but not the only one. Owner of a unique talent and a broad smile, the musician, who always wears
him a big part of the boy who grew up in Petrolina, inside the Pernambuco, is before all rare.

On the Stage   Ze Manoel takes t all his musicality packed in faith and poetry, creating a unique,  with a  atmosphere full of rhythm and colors.

In 2015 he launched the acclaimed album “Canção e Silêncio”(Songs and Silence), with sponsorship from Natura Musical, Carlos Eduardo Miranda's production and production by Kassin, who also assumed the bass in the trio composed, by legendary drummer Tutty Moreno and Zé Manoel.

His second album, he breaths space in all the depth of his compositions, without fear, drenched and risking dark waters with waves of jazz, Chopin, Satie, Edu Lobo, Chico Buarque and a strong tide of Dorival Caymmi, his lyrics full of, not always easily navigable seas and rising tides.

Ze  Manoel has conquered audiences and critics with his compositions that tell stories of stories, his or borrowed, lived or observed. A clear language, accompanied by the gentle melody of the piano, creates a sophisticated simplicity that directly affects the audience, without detours. The result is a music easy to listen to, without falling into mediocrity, well at opposite.


DVD  "Delírio de um Romance a Céu Aberto"  – Ao Vivo (2019 – Jóia Moderna) Livro-CD O Inventor do Sorriso ( 2013 - Editora Melhoramentos) , com poemas de Walther Moreira Santos entre a musica  por Zé Manoel.


“Delírio de Um Romance a Céu Aberto

(2016 – Jóia Moderna),

‘Canção e Silêncio’ (2015 – Natura Musical)

‘Zé Manoel’ (2012 - Independente),

‘Canção e Silêncio’ (2015 – Natura Musical)

“Delírio de Um Romance a Céu Aberto

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