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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil was INTL BLK (@intlblk) founder
Chief Boima’s home base while he was promoting and
touring Kondi Band, his collaboration with blind Sierra
Leonean singer and folk instrumentalist Sorie Kondi. It was there he met and befriended Rafa Dias
(@rafadiasdays) and Ricô Santana (@rico_thebass), two veterans of the electronic and hip hop scenes in
the Brazilian state of Bahia. When Boima first heard the musical experimentations—dreamy, futuristic,
afro folk, r&b stylings—that Rafa and Ricô were playing with, he knew that this was the most exciting
music he had heard anywhere in a long time. He decided to help them finish the project, and get it to
the world via the INTL BLK platform.

Ziminino is hard to categorize: the front side leans hip hop with reggae, trap, funk, and acoustic guitar
driven Musica Popular Brasilera mixed in; while the backside leans into electronic dance, and even rock
territory. This project would fit in a vast range of tastes, and speak to an audience in a range of

What we hope is that it will attract fans looking for something new, original and evenchallenging. In order to assist in that goal, Ziminino will make their live debut at SXSW in Austin, Texason March 16th at the Global, Local Showcase!

This is INTL BLK’s first full length release. As a platform founded to celebrate black diversity by
connecting music, people and culture from different parts of the African archipelago, we put a lot of
blood sweat and tears into this project. So, we hope you enjoy.

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