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Simply a legend of the global pop dancefloors

Carioca Marco Aurelio Marinho, who goes by the name DJ MAM, sweeps the hordes with his mix of beats and Brazilian roots music not only in Rio de Janeiro, where he is the official DJ of the traditional Copacabana New Year's Eve party, but also on stages all over Brazil and the world. DJ MAM has played in more than 15 countries.


Producer, musician, and composer, the DJ has been breaking musical and cultural barriers for 20 years, taking things out of their usual context to place them in new - and sometimes unusual - spaces. Throughout his career he has collaborated with big names in Brazilian popular music, such as Gilberto Gil, Luedji Luna, BaianaSystem, Criolo, Lenine, Dona Onete, Alceu Valença, and BNegão, among others.


MAM embodies a futuristic Indian to elucidate that his music is "genuinely Brazilian at the base" and thus infuses his intoxicating cocktail of soulful futuristic Brazilianness.

STYLE: Eletronic/MPB


AVAILABILITY: Full year 2023


His set is an intricate and refreshing neo-tropicalist adventure that crosses national rhythms such as samba and carimbó, coco and samba-de-roda, bossa nova and manguebeat the baile funk and baião, among others, packed with modern electronic music and global pop, considered one of the most exciting sounds of our times by international World Music critics.


Tracing his Latin American lineage, he avoids the path of 'photocopying', germinating a captivating and unpredictable music that pleases not only the feet, but the head and the heart.


When Mam is not on the dancefloors, ensuring his reputation as one of Rio's most requested DJs, he is curating his festivals 'Demarcação Já Remix' and 'Sotaque Carregado', producing events such as Carnaval and Arraiá Remix, conducting workshops for emerging artists, or supporting the indigenous and environmental cause.

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