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Prepare yourselves for what is to come.

Bulldozer Attack are the result of a special chronological error. They are influenced by the infectious sounds of Soukous of the 80s and 90s, funk of the 70s and grunge from the 90s. 


With musical heroes like Diblo Dibala (Congo), George Clinton and Parliament Funckadelic, James Brown, Nirvana, Kanda Bongo Man (Congo) their sound is grounded by the electrical manipulation and creativity of this day and age. 


All these sounds meet in an accidental fusion that sounds nostalgically familiar and new at the same time. With the musical heads and talents of Fabián Morales (guitar, voice & synth) Adela Espitia (voice & percussion) and Sandro Londoño (drums & voice) they launch forward without breaks, scorching their ground where they pass. 


Fasten your seat belts, relax your heads, ask your hostess for that undeniable kiss and prepare yourselves for what is to come. The dysphonic creature come alive, ears raised and with its teeth sharper than ever. 


Style: afro - electro, cumbia, afro- futurista

Territories:  Europe / Travelcrew -  4 pax 

Label : Independent


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