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Elniño's poetry access the issues about racism, toxic masculinity and institutional violence aiming to hit the hearts of those who fight for better days.


Style :  trap, afro- futurista, funk BR, hip hop

Territories :  World / Travelcrew - 5 pax 

Label: Independent

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The antithesis of the cliche - the healing rhymes.


Rapper Thiago Elnino is the new big thing to hit the Brazilian hip hop scene. 


With originality, his songs addresses racial and social issues in the urban context, particularly through rhymes beautifully aligned with his ability to play with words. He stands as a bridge that allows the crossing and the encounter between past, present and future. 


The new album ‘Stones, Arrows, Spears, Swords and Mirrors’ is an apology of the weapons and instruments of work used by some Orixás. Amid so much hatred, the album points out towards other path. A path of communion between black people to achieve an open dialogue. Thiago would use all the necessary weapons, as Malcolm X pointed out in one of his discourses, as a way to reach these goals. 


He depicts the contemporary Brazilian black music as a healing guide. From the salty experiences that run upon the black society Thiago subverts the salt. From ardor, salt becomes the preserve substance, the antiseptic and the healer.


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