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Recife / Amplifica Records 

"The Immorable One" is back. Let's party! Singer, songwriter, instrumentalist Di Melo is living proof that time, in some cases, is really a very good thing for everyone.

In 2019, his album "Atemporal "with the French combo Cotonete got great reviews: Noise, Rolling Stones and was in Alma Preta Magazine's top 10 best albums of the year.

Di Melo's debut album was originally released in 1975 and is a fusion of genuine Brazilian rhythms with Funk, Soul and just the right dose of psychedelia. Di Melo is one of the leading artists of Brazilian Soul Music, seen by many as talented and musically creative like his peers Jorge Ben and Tim Maia.

It can be said that the 70's in the northeastern music scene, specifically in Recife/Pernambuco was a magical time.


The fusion of original Brazilian genres like Samba and Baião with American Soul Music, Funk and British psychedelia resulted in one of the richest cultural scenes in the world.


In 2016 more than forty years after his debut album, Di Melo is back with "O Imorrível" is the name of the album that rescues twelve of the more than four hundred songs he claims to have written in that long period. Groovão is responsible for special appearances by BNegão, Larissa Luz, and Olmir Stocker. Maybe this was necessary to make such a mythical album.


In 2021, the reissue of the first LP contains the original 1975 Inlay with lyrics and photos from the family's personal archives and for the first time the full credits with all the names of all the musicians who participated, among them Hermeto Pascoal.

The soul man owns his right, giving us back one of the best records of his career with originality.



AVAILABILITY: Full year 2023


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