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Immigration, freedom and poetry

"AYOM is a delightful and danceable fusion that has the lightness and freedom of migratory birds, which depart from distinct points of the planet to meet and invent new sounds and dreams wherever they pass".

Ayom's unique cross-border blend of brazilian, mediterranean and lusophone influences arose from a quest for personal freedom that saw charismatic singer and percussionist Jabu Morales emigrate from her home in Minas Gerais, Brazil to Barcelona in 2011. There a happy meeting with Italian accordionist Alberto Becucci and Greek-trained percussionist Timoteo Grignani led to the formation of Ayom with Angolan percussionist Walter Martins, Luso-Angolan guitarist Ricardo Quinteira and bassist Francesco Valente. Their debut album went straight to several charts and music playlists around the world, while Songlines magazine named it Best Album of 2020 and Ayom the Best Band of 2021. Ayom categorizes their sound as Black Atlantic Music, and whatever the label, they delight and inspire with an integrated collective creation that emphatically comes straight from the heart.

'Ayom's' self-titled debut album is a vibrant collection of tracks that point and borrow from the folk music of Brazil, Angola and Cape Verde. Blending centuries-old traditions with the dark, rhythmic language of Lusophone cultures, Ayom defies purists and provides a spiritual, fast-paced journey across the Atlantic.

The band released its debut album in 2020 with 12 tracks. Ayom is the "Lord of music" who lives inside the drum and is an entity present in several ancient cultures of the world, in Africa, Latin America and also in Europe. The protagonism of the drum, as well as the presence of Ayom in these different cultures, made this name the perfect nickname for the collective, which is formed by Jabu Morales on vocals, lyrics and percussion, Timoteo Grignani and Walter Martins on percussions and vocals, Alberto Becucci on accordion, Ricardo Quinteira on guitar and Francisco on bass.

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