Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, André Sampaio brought Afro Rock to the Brazilian scene. The artist has release two solo albums: "Desaguou" (2013) and "Alagbé" (2016).  His influences are Gilberto Gil, Seu Jorge, Jimi Hendrix, Cesária Évora among many others, revealing a strong cultural amalgam, which is one of the premises of Brazilian culture. Absolutey impossible to resist to the sound of the Afro-rock guitar and his lyrics, which speaks about identity and the battles to gain the right to be free. In his shows André Sampaio seeks new links, creating a  strong connection with the audience.


BRAZIL         +55 11 97508-2464

                   +55 11 94259-4245

                    +55 11 95328-5572   

LISBOA:    +351 926 616 909

ASIA:        +66   6 3190-0160

EUROPA:   +32    483-408450