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A big band from Rio de Janeiro that creatively mixes Brazilian regional rhythms such as Ijexá, Coconut, Samba and Jazz with African sound legends such as Frobe Kuti, Ebon Taylor and Highlife. Orlando Julius, resulting in a unique, authorial work with a strong Brazilian accent. With two recorded albums, the first one "Abayomy" (2012), produced by André Abujamra, already shows the group bringing an afrobeat with its own mark in its six tracks, released by the English label Far Out, and the last one "Open Your Head "(2016), produced by Pupillo, a musical producer and drummer of Zumbi Nation, where spirituality, struggle, denunciation and beauty related to the black community are present in the rhythms, melodies and poetry of each track. The group are planning to release a new work in the first half of 2019. The Abayomy is leaded by Gustavo Benjão and has 13 musicians whom, together and on stage, create an unmistakable musicality, resulting in a contagious and dancing performance where compositions are mixed with re-readings of great music names including, of course, Fela Kuti. A wave of energy and positivity, a big party, so is the Abayomy show.

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